Delivering Intelligence at the Speed of Business

  • Dashboard-delivered analytics with drill-down capabilities for deeper, real-time insights—know sooner, course-correct faster
  • Real-time alerts for early warning on any financial or clinical scenario
  • Integrated real-time pharmacy data to drive your clinical program interventions at the earliest opportunity

Data-driven Business Intelligence

Information delay plagues the industry, compromising the speed to manage your business. RxSense changes the game with our RxIQ™ analytics environment. Easy-to-use, dashboard delivered analytics with simple drill-down capabilities enable deeper insights and investigation:



Identify problems quickly
with real-time analytics for faster clinical interventions

Charge your patient profiles
with real-time pharmacy data



Gain insights in real time
to better understand your business more quickly and reduce your spend

Make plan adjustments
as needed, such as formulary changes and prior authorization



Get real-time alerts
for early warning on any financial or clinical scenario

Alerts delivered by text or email
so you can course-correct faster

With apps for smartphone and tablet use—your business intelligence is always at your fingertips.

Enhancements for 2020

Medical Data Integration

  • RxIQ can ingest standard data feeds to be integrated and analyzed with real-time pharmacy data
  • Standard data feeds can be exported out and integrated into case management tools

Pre-implementation Analysis

  • Prospective analysis of plans to identify low-value variations and streamline before implementing
  • Reverse engineer plan designs and auto-configure them from claim file analysis, compressing implementation timelines